South Florida Miata Club website help

Website Tips and Advice

The club’s website with some nice features to help us communicate easily and efficiently, but if you need some Miata Club Website Help, these tips might come in handy.


Register and Log in

First, Look for the Register Link at the top of the page.


Next, register with your username, email and password. Remember to complete the security question and check the security box so we know you’re not a robot spammer. Also, tell us your real name, something about your car and the city in which you live.

Register Screen

Third, WRITE DOWN YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD somewhere safe that you can find it if you forget.

Then, when you log in to the web site, type your username (not your email address) along with your password to get access to all these great features.


Club Events and Information

First and foremost, pay attention to upcoming events. We’re making sure you have all the info you need, in addition to date, time and place, you’ll find a map and information about each event so you’ll be fully informed.

Please RSVP on the event web page to let us know you’re attending an event.

There’s information about our club, our leaders, our sponsor, cool club merchandise you can buy online.


Create A New Post

To start a new article online, create a new post by using the section at the top of the home page.

  1. Be sure to give your post a title first.
  2. Then, write a short post, an article, a notice, etc in the main text area.
  3. Please give us a few words (tags) that we can use later to search for your post, such as “holiday,” “brunch,” “for sale,” “advice,” “video,” etc.
  4. In addition to searchable tag words, choose a category from the category menu. If you choose classified, your posting will show up in the classified section. Similar for news, event, road trip, video, photo, recommendations, etc.
  5. To add a photo, click on the button that says: Add Media.

Create a new post

Still need help? See below: how to contact the website administrator.


Replying to a Post

The interactive nature of the web site is enhanced by the ability to reply to the posts of others and add your comments. Don’t try to reply to a post on the main home page.

First, click on the title of the post to which you want to reply. That takes you to that post’s unique dedicated page. At the bottom of the post, you’ll see a space to add your comment(s).

Type your reply, then click the button that says “post comment” and wait a few seconds to see your post appear.

Post Reply instructions



We appreciate when members RSVP for event online. It’s easy and it lets our leaders know how to best plan for each event.

Making a reservation for an event is easy. Go to the event page. You’ll see a section named Bookings that looks like the image below. First, choose the number of spaces that will be included in your reservation.

Booking a reservation

Select 1 if it’s just yourself, select 2 for a couple. Add more if you’re bringing friends.

In the comments section, you can let us know the names of guests, if you’ll be arriving late, other comments that you believe are important. Click on the button that says “Send your booking” to submit your RSVP for this event. You should receive an email to confirm your RSVP. Leaders will also receive an email to let them know you’re coming.

To cancel a reservation, go to the event page, and look for the “Manage Your Bookings” link, which looks like the image below.

Manage My Bookings

When you click on the blue “Manage My Events” link , you should see a list of all the events that you have reserved. The list will start with the oldest event, so scroll down to the latest ones. If necessary, you can go to additional pages by clicking below the list.

Cancel RSVP

Events which can be cancelled will have a blue link next to them that says “cancel.” Click on the “cancel” link associated with the proper event. You have the option of going back to that event and making a new RSVP.


Submitting a New Event

Any member in good standing can add a new event to the shared online calendar. Please prepare the details of your proposed event in advance before you add your event.

Event Name: Give your event name a succinct, meaningful title that accurately describes this event in a way that will garner attention from readers.

When: The date and time of the event. Generally, every event begins and ends on the same day, so just a start date is all that is normally required. Be sure to include the start and stop time of this event as well.

Where: the calendar knows a lot of locations from previous events.  After you begin to type the first word of the location, wait for just a second to see if the calendar might offer a suggestion of what it thinks you’re going to type. Your location may already be known to the calendar. That way, we don’t add locations into the calendar more than once.

Details: it’s important to create a narrative that is accurate, succinct, informative and well written to entice readers to respond, become interested and decide to attend this event. Please prepare this well-written narrative before you start the process of entering the event in the calendar. Take a few moments and write the paragraph or two and include all the necessary information before you commit to adding this in the calendar.

Categories: it’s important to select the proper category or categories that help classify this event.

Event Image: When looking through the upcoming events, each one has a nice image that gets the attention of readers. These are generally 800 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall and present a graphic representation of what the event is all about. Please prepare this image as a well-compressed JPEG in advance and use the “add media” button to locate it on your computer in order to copy it to the web site.

Enable Registration: This option allows members to leave an RSVP for this event on the event page that you’re creating.

Submit Event: when it’s all finished and ready to publish in the online calendar, click the submit button. It’s a good idea to then go find your event in the event section of the web site and make sure it looks right.


Contact the Website Admin

If you have specific issues with using the web site, send an email to


Member Interaction

Send message to other members. Post a note about your latest activity to share. Post a few photos of your car, your friends and recent activities.

You can read and partake in the forums to enjoy interactive discussions. Suggest a great location for an upcoming road trip, talk about modifications, or about a good place to get reliable service.

Look at all the recent photos, videos, Miata news and classified ads.


Need some help in person?

Come to an upcoming monthly meeting or special event.