Group Discussion For Next Meeting 

To all club members,

In an effort to get our membership more involved in the planning of events for our club, we want to encourage members to volunteer in taking care of the responsibilities of planning a road trip. We think that is a great idea and would get more folks involved in club activities and help to vary the venues we attend for our trips.

Our plan would be to have folks sign up to be responsible for one monthly road trip or lunch venue, taking care of all aspects of the trip, the reservations, planning etc.

Members can either pick from the venues already listed on our web site under “road trips” tab or pick a new venue on their own that they think would be of interest for club members to attend.

We hope to get members feedback at our next meeting , September 16th, and hope everyone will be excited to volunteer their time to sign up to plan an event for next year for the club to enjoy. We are striving to make our great club even better in 2019.

See you all at the next meeting.