South Florida Miata Club

Welcome to the virtual home of the South Florida Miata Car Club – the place for people who love their sports cars and fun times with good friends.


We gather for regular meetings and special events every month. We welcome all Miata MX-5 sports car owners, enthusiasts and friends to join us.


We use our website to stay in touch, converse, share stories and tips, post photos and videos of our latest activities and more. Be sure to check the web site on a regular basis to stay informed. Here is a link to the web site help page.

Email Newsletter

We’ll send out email messages to all our members from time to time to remind you of upcoming events and important notices. If you’re not receiving messages, check your spam or junk folders and let us know if you’re still not receiving.

Club Events

Check the calendar and list of events online to stay informed of our activities. In addition to regular monthly meetings, our members are always planning and organizing some special road trips, meet-ups, gatherings and holiday theme events.

Bring a Friend

If you know a friend that shares our enthusiasm for Miata sports cars and related interests, please invite them to attend an upcoming event.

Officers and Leaders

president: John Morris
special events: Mark Gilbert
webmaster: Robert Burr

No Annual Dues – Thanks to our Dealer Sponsors

There are no annual dues for membership of the South Florida Miata Car Club! We greatly appreciate the support we receive from local Mazda dealers who help underwrite the cost of developing, updating and maintaining our web site and email systems. Please mention your appreciation for this support when visiting or interacting with our sponsor dealers.

We ask all members to contribute some of their valuable time and their talents to help make the club operate smoothly and bring value to our membership. For those that value club membership but are unable to contribute their own time and effort, donations are appreciated.