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  • I want to take the opportunity to wish Karl & Carol and Doug & Tammy the very best of luck on their impending moves out of the area in the coming weeks. They have been steadfast, loyal members of our club for many […]

  • Not in the offing just yet, but Hyundai has the idea on the drawing board it appears.

    • Not bad looking. The article seems to be pure speculation. It also does not indicate whether it is expected to be FWD or RWD. If Front, it will not be accepted in the sports car community. If Rear, it might have a shot.

    • The time to change our club name to “South Florida Roadster Club” may have come. 🙂

  • This Saturday: Spring Cruise In Car & Art Show. Come out to the Cruise In and Art Show this Saturday from noon to 4pm at Summer Crush Winery in Fort Pierce at 4200 Johnston Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34951.

    Enjoy music […]

  • I want to thank my Miata Club family for all your thoughts and prayers for my mom the past few months during her battle with leukemia. Unfortunately she lost her fight this week but I find solace in the fact she […]

  • Denise and Jim just put together the Railroad Museum Road Trip. I think all of our members contribute in one way or another. Not every event is for everyone, and I think it is nice whether we get a large or small […]

  • I have suggested many events to attend and about 99% of the time, no one attends. This past Saturday, I invited members to come as my guest to the U of M donor family picnic at Lion Country Safari. It was a nice […]

    • I appreciate your comments, Rosalyn. Unfortunately, you may be a victim of scheduling. I know at least one of your events was on the same day as a scheduled Miata club event. And again the FFFestival you mention above is in conflict with the monthly meeting. Bad timing? Maybe more club members would attend if your suggestions were considered the “official” non-meeting event for the month. In the past, we had two events: the monthly meeting, and a “road trip” event. I don’t recall exactly, but I don’t remember any of your suggestions being the “road trip” event. Maybe it doesn’t need to be that formal, but two events per month is more than enough for Tammy and me. I am also a member of another car club, and we both have numerous interests, usually limiting us to less than one Miata club event per month.

    • Karl also posted an animal rescue event. Although we are a car club, anyone is welcome to post a somewhat related event if club members might reasonably be interested.

      Some of the most successful events require a bit of extra organizing. Don’t be discouraged by the process. If you have an idea, see if others are interested, but don’t cross the line to being frustrated if you don’t get the expected response. If three people attend a nice event, that’s just fine.

    • Perhaps the club would like to participate in the parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in Wilton Manors. The date is June 16th. If you would like more details, contact me via email.

  • Mark Gilbert wrote a new post, Editorial 4 weeks ago

    Fellow members,
    Our club is at a crossroads. Over the past 3 months I have been unable to lead the charge in coordinating events due to illness in my family. John has reached out to everyone for help but other […]

    • I’m not sure we need to ring the bell of dire and doom. We have lots of members involved in planning and executing events. Yes, there are problems with Lester’s Diner so we’ll meet at 84 Diner again as we have in the past. They are welcoming and appreciate our business.

    • Mark, you are a beloved and valuable member of this group. Your concerns are appreciated and respected. You don’t owe anyone an apology. Let’s find the best ways to move the club forward, develop great programming and have more fun.

      • DJ replied 4 weeks ago

        Mark, first I want to thank you and everyone else that puts a ton of effort to volunteer your time to organize events. I would like say it again, thank you for volunteering. However, please keep in mind that you are volunteering and that you cannot force people to volunteer.

        That being said, I am also sorry that I cannot attend the meetings any longer as Sunday dinner is family time for us.

        Maybe with the change in venue, we can return to a lunch schedule and I may be able to attend the meetings again. I do not want to volunteer for stuff and make suggestions if I am not able to attend the meetings, as I do not want to step on toes or make waves.

    • I have been a member of socially-oriented clubs, many of which were car-related. I was secretary of the Fort Lauderdale Mustang club back in the mid-80’s. I am a member of the NSX Club of America. I have participated in and volunteered for track and autocross not-for-profit clubs and and for-profit companies. Nearly universally, the successful ones had one thing in common: a benevolent dictator. A club such as ours needs such a person to steer the club, set the tenor, organize and follow through. Not saying he or she needs to do everything; quite the contrary. A good leader knows how, when, and what tasks to delegate. Lou and John shared this responsibility for as long as I have been involved, and it worked incredibly well. After expending much effort, Lou requested less involvement. John already is heavily involved in the local British car club. I understand that in the past Karl fulfilled this role. I don’t know the history prior to that, but from what I understand and have viewed myself, these three did a wonderful job. But maybe it’s time for a new person to fill this role.

  • Come join us at the Fun Furry Festival on March 10th, before the Miata monthly meeting, from noon to 4pm on the grounds of Sanctuary Church, 1400 N Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale FL 33304.

    There are crafts, things […]

  • South Florida Miata Club member Bruce Winter was able to secure one of only 500 of the 30th Anniversary Edition cars. Can’t wait to see it.

  • You’re too late to get a 30th Anniversary Mazda MX-5 Miata, unless you were one of the 500 Miata fans who raced to Mazda’s special website to order one of the 500 special Racing Orange convertibles or RF cou […]

  • Log on to Mazda USA website tomorrow at 12:30pm to see the official unveiling of the 30th Anniversary Edition of the MX-5.

    It will be offered in the new Racing Orange color, in both soft top and RF models but […]

  • It’s time for the Uof M organ donor picnic at Lion Country Safari on Saturday, February 23, 2019. Cost is $15.00 per person, children under 2 free, if you come as our guest. If interested, please contact Roz or Brian.

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