Serge’s Stomp In The Swamp

Serge Storm's Stomp In The Swamp with Tim Dorsey
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Date(s) - Saturday, October 27, 2018
12:00 pm-8:30 pm

Taste of the Everglades


The 8th annual Stomp In The Swamp jamboree will be held at the Taste of the Everglades restaurant (formerly the Seafood Depot) in the historic old railroad station, 102 Collier Ave. in Everglades City, from noon to dark.

There is plenty of indoor seating, plus an equally giant outdoor deck and tiki bar overlooking the water and mangroves in the Ten Thousand Islands region. Continuing the tradition of mayhem and fellowship, featuring a full lineup of live music from Pete Gallagher and the Outlaws of Florida Folk and other close friends.

Noon to dark, rain or shine.

Author Tim Dorsey is an American novelist, best known for a book series starring Serge A. Storms, a mentally disturbed vigilante antihero who rampages across Florida enforcing his own moral code against a variety of low-life criminals.

All of Dorsey’s novels feature Serge A. Storms as the primary character. The character has several coexisting mental illnesses that render him obsessive, psychopathic, schizophrenic, and frequently homicidal, but Storms serves as the anti-hero in Dorsey’s works due to his strong sense of moral absolutism and justice. Serge is intelligent, and frequently devises wildly inventive ways of condemning villains (or at least who he perceives as such) to death. His co-pilot in his adventures is Coleman, the exact opposite of Serge. Whereas Serge is high-strung and straight-edge, Coleman is a drug user who goes to extreme lengths to maintain his buzz.


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