Ninjin, my 30AE, is going to be a Hot Wheels Legend

I just got word that my little 30AE, Ninjin, was accepted to participate in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour when it comes to Miami on March 7. I honestly expected a polite rejection, as my car is pretty much stock.

The application asked that I say a little bit about my car. I wrote: “It is a 30th Anniversary model MX-5. It is #185/3000 worldwide. It is very orange. I think it would make for a cool Hot Wheels car.”

The application also required that I upload a photo that they could use for promotional purposes. I chose this one:

30th Anniversary Edition

Apparently, that was good enough. I have no illusions of inspiring a new Hot Wheels car with my entry… but if Mattel ever makes a 30AE Hot Wheels… I will buy a dozen.

Some more info here: