classic car videos on Amazon Prime

It’s too bad I could not attend these events. What beautiful cars! Maybe next year.

On Amazon Prime, there are classic car videos, one of which I saw last night was about Jaguars and Aston Martins. There are others on Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romero which is the oldest company of the three. Sad thing is that all of the main Italian cars (including Ferrari) are currently owned by Fiat/Chrysler. Lamborghini is owned by VW, the Jags by Tata Motors an Indian (India) company. Aston Martin is held by investors and so on.

It kind of makes it special that my Miata is still owned by Mazda while all of the exotic cars now have “mixed” ancestry. All the other car companies appear to be making cars aimed at specific price $$$$ markets instead of a car for the enthusiast.

Enzo Ferrari built road cars primarily to finance his racing passion. However that was not sustainable.