I have suggested many events to attend and about 99% of the time, no one attends. This past Saturday, I invited members to come as my guest to the U of M donor family picnic at Lion Country Safari. It was a nice long ride to get there. The cost was $15.00 which included park admission, parking, and all-you-can eat for lunch if you arrived there by 12:30PM. We had a great day at the park, the animals were awake and doing all sorts of things, saw baby giraffe’s, and then went out to dinner at the Texas Longhorn restaurant and had a really good meal. Only 2 people from the Miata Club came. In November, when I hosted the reception at Anne Kolb nature center, I did a lot to prepare for a nice buffet dinner and not even one representative came from the club. So please don’t say we aren’t trying to schedule things. I know not everyone can come to all events and John shouldn’t have been held accountable for the low turn-out in February. He can’t control who comes and who doesn’t. Now on March 10th, there is a Fun, Furry, Festival for Abandoned Pet Rescue. It is 12N to 4PM. I will be there. So if anyone wants to stop by before you go to the Miata meeting, you are very welcome to come. Rosalyn