Upcoming Holiday Events

We have two wonderful events coming up in the next few weeks that will help get you in the holiday spirit.

On December 2nd, we travel to Coral Gables for the Junior Orange Bowl Parade. We decorate our cars and drive the parade route to the cheers of adoring crowds. This event is televised so it is a great advertisement for our club. RSVP

On December 9th, celebrate the holiday season at LaBamba Restaurant with a few adult beverages (coquito), a gift exchange and a wonderful dinner followed by a top down drive through Tradewinds Park to see the Christmas lights show.
We will finish off our holiday celebration going to Cherry Smash Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor to enjoy some great home made ice cream.

I hope you can plan on attending both events. Please sign up on our events pages accordingly.


Junior Orange Bowl Parade

Cherry Smash