thought to offer it up here first before…

thought to offer it up here first before hitting up Craigslist or eBay. I can bring it by at next months lunch. Check it out and will take any fair offer.

1) 95 OEM brace (runs behind seats). It’s in perfect condition coming off my NA that has 35,000 miles. I’ve gone roll bar.

2) NB OEM wind screen. I bought this used and while its for a NB, I think they look great on a NA. It does deaden the air space in the cabin but only below your shoulders due to its height. Selling because roll bar will not permit.

3) pair of NA 95 OEM seats. Excellent condition. Little fuzz on drivers bolster but other than that perfect. Foam ectomy on drivers seat. The seats do not come with the seat belt buckel. Sliders included. Selling because I went with after markets.

Sorry no pic but can provide.

Here is a pic of the items installed

So if interested and I will bring the part and you can check it out.