My New 1993 Miata makes it’s track Debut.

I had my 1993 LE out on the track for the first time. I have autocrossed it a few times at GultCoast autocrossers near Ft Myers where you can usually find Doug Jr on a Saturday.

It needed some basic work before heading to the track. In the last couple of months I’ve replaced most of the brake system: Master cylinder (leaking fluid down the vacuum booster), font calipers (not sliding so well, pistons crusty), Front brake lines (just because I was doing calipers), high temp brake fluid, and rotors and pads on all corners.
Hard Dog Roll Bar because you can’t get an older Miata on the track without one, and Doug Sr scolded me 🙂

After the safety upgrades, for fun I’ve added: Big sway bar up front, sticky 200TW Dunlop tires put on.
Also the 25 year old rubber bits on the shocks were shot, so new TopHats and Bump Stops all around.

After all of that, I have a car that doesn’t crash so hard on RR tracks, and will actually stop faster than my 1995 S-10 Pickup now.

On Feb 13 I went to PBIR TrackNight in America, where I ran into Bruce Winter from the Club. There were lots of Miatae and a big contingency from Treasure Coast Miata.

I was playing with a new app on the phone (Harry’s Lap Timer) and sorry that my big phone blocks the view of the track.
So net result: I (just me, at my experience level) am 3 seconds a lap slower in the 1993 than in the 2016 Club. It feels as fast in the corners, and the sticky tires are probably a lot of that. The 1993 tops out at just under 100mph on the straight, whereas the 2016 i’m about 10-15mph faster. I save over a $100 a track day in the 1993, because I don’t need to buy track insurance for it.