Florida Nav-Map Helping Motorists

South Florida residents experience a variety of road conditions as they commute on major roads each day. For those who take great pride in keeping their vehicle in great shape, we strive to avoid  road conditions that might negatively impact the condition of our vehicles.

From high traffic to busy construction work, we are faced with less than favorable road conditions; however, there is a useful traffic tool specific to Florida residents. This tool is capable of notifying motorists, in real-time, current traffic conditions in order to assist them in rerouting their destination.

Take advantage of the Florida Nap-Map to stay ahead of the traffic in your local area.

A Note on Safety

This holiday season, be sure to travel with care. As you gather with friends and family, make note of any alcohol in-take and be sure to utilize ride-sharing services instead of getting behind the wheel. For more information on the benefits of ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft, check out: