Replacement Top

Hi Miata Family

Here on South Lake, I left the Miata in the driveway….someone slashed the roof and stole what was in the car. Tampered with the Eng Comp now the car from touch the key and go to start but does not run. Have my hands full.

Any advice on replacement top? Vinyl vs Canvas? Glass vs Panorama plastic zip out? My phone is 954-205-4007.

I am sorry to have missed many happy venues but I assure you all it was beyond my control. To add to my 2017 Medical woes, on a routine yearly visit to one of my specialists, he “messed up” a simple test causing internal bleeding plus gave me sulphur drugs, did not know I was allergic to this, which ended me in bed for over 4 weeks. From 150lbs I am now 136lbs just started to walk without aids.

Hopefully will be there next Sunday. Looking forward to a better year 2018.

Enjoy the new year!

Ken Deonarine