New Car Stereo

Timing was as if it is a Christmas gift (to myself) but I had bought this a few weeks ago, after the ’94 OEM MSSS stereo finally bugged me enough to do something about. I had had the unit refurbed a number of years ago, and again as recently as just over a year ago, but the last time, parts are no longer available to cure what ailed it. So . . . . .

A conversation with DJ ended with something like “So I can get a new head unit from Crutchfield for under $100?!?” So I ordered one.

Since the MSSS unit was a Pioneer, and I had this misguided feeling that if the MSSS unit was Pioneer, then the replacement should also be Pioneer, I ordered an inexpensive unit. It’s got Bluetooth, and a number of other new features. It’s a single-DIN replacing a double-DIN, so the install kit came with a cubby under the head unit. So now I have a place to put my phone while it is Bluetooth connected to the radio.

After searching on the internet, and going to some places DJ sent me, I found (mostly) exactly which wires from the OEM unit did what: LF, LR, RR, RF, switched power, antenna signal, unswitched power, etc. The only thing that I could not make work is the upper door tweeters, but it’s really no big deal since a number of years ago the main door speakers were replaced with a good two-way speaker.

So, after a few hours ensuring the connections were right, and some fiddly work with the installation kit, it’s in the car and sounds SO much better than the OEM MSSS unit. Color me happy!

Bottom line: it’s AMAZING, what can be bought these days for under $100 – shipped!!!!