Photos from Track Night America October 17, 2017

Geez, we had a blast! My stepson Danny, an accomplished “knee dragger” who had experience at PBIR on two wheels, drove our Track Rat Miata (yes, it must run in our combined family; Danny’s dad was a motorcycle racer and automobile track-day enthusiast when he was alive). He had never done a track day in a car, and he took to it like ducks to water.

He was fairly frustrated in the Novice group in his first-ever hot session in a car; after his first session, he was approached by the SCCA Track Night America staff, and was offered to move into the Intermediate group. He did so.

He did pretty well there, too.

Attached is a link to photos. Danny is in the Track Rat Miata (#174). That’s club member Steve Dillon in the white ND convertible; and that’s club member Bruce Winter in the white RF.

Enjoy! (Notice the Track Rat was wearing the South Florida Miatas colors!!!! Thanks for the magnets, Lou!)