Track Night at PBIR September 19

My stepson Danny Davis heard about the positive experience at the SCCA Track Night in America event Steve Dillon and I had this past Tuesday. Not a bad deal for a fairly low entry price for an hour’s worth of track time. So I’m hatching a plan to have Danny drive the Track Rat Miata in Novice (he’s had experience at PBIR but on a bike – he’s a pretty accomplished “knee dragger” road racer on a bike), along with me in the Advanced Group. My son DJ might come in his ’99 (member Brian’s former car now sporting a similar VVT 2001 motor and same suspension). So we might make it a family affair. Of course, we’d love to see other SFMiata Club Members come out either as participants (c’mon, YOLO!), or for sure to do the no-charge parade laps which usually happen around 6pm.

Check it out. Here’s a link to the event site on September 19: