Video near The Gap and The Dragon

For those considering going to Miata’s at the Gap.  Cherohala Skyway is the Southern Edge of one of the recommended loops of driving “The Dragon.”

We were going from Asheville, NC to Atlanta, GA.  We traveled the whole Cherohala Skyway and then did scenic Tennessee highway 68 to get to GA.

Going this incredibly scenic route added just over an hour to the trip instead of doing it all in the interstate.

Car is 2016 Club.

I feel like it’s cheating, but I have one of the Garmin VIRB cameras. A lot like a gopro. It has GPS, Altimeter and G-Force sensors built in.

I mostly just used the software that comes with it which allows you to position the various overlays. I did do some work with the audio in iMovie, but it’s not required.

Not so simple is getting engine data (from a bluetooth dongle that plugs into your cars OBDII port) to reliably be transferred to the camera. Still working on that.