Track Night in America July 18 report

At the beginning of the day Tuesday I was worried about the track day. It had thunder-stormed all day Monday, and the forecast called for a clear morning and afternoon rain. By 11am we had thunderstorms coming from the south and coming through. Just before I left for the track, another cell had just rolled through Palm Beach Gardens on its way north. I threw an umbrella in the trunk — which is not a good thing to pack for a track day.

I arrived and it had just finished raining at the track. Luckily, that was the last heavy rain of the day. We had some small drizzle on the low speed practice lap. You get four sessions: the first is a pace car guided low speed 25 minutes on the track. It was drizzling for that, but that was the last of i. By the end of the afternoon, the track was dry.

Here is an excellent write-up here about how the format works and what to expect.

I’m very new to this club and the website so I didn’t recognize anybody, but there were half a dozen Miatas there. Pictures from the Track Photographer: (I am Mazda/White)