Suggestions for upcoming meeting locations

Miata Members, our club must now considering appropriate venues for upcoming meetings. We prefer inexpensive or moderately priced restaurants with private meeting rooms for our monthly meetings. Some have suggested that we not meet at the same location every month, but choose venues in various locations, such as one in Dade, one in Broward and one in Palm Beach, for example. We can rotate the locations to keep it more interesting. Now is the time for this discussion. What do you think?

Please contribute ideas on places that might be appropriate by first contacting that venue to discuss the details for a group of 25 to 30 persons having a meeting and a meal together there. If you find a good candidate location, please share it with the group, along with some details of why it seems appropriate.

Over the coming months, as we meet and evaluate these locations, perhaps we can come to a consensus on what works best for the future. Leave comments here. Zoom Zoom.