Member Meetings Survey Results

We recently asked South Florida Miata Members to offer their advice and opinions on a number of issues regarding monthly meetings. The early results – 34 respondents — offer a glimpse on the consensus on these issues.

1. Amenities

Easy Parking is important.
Private Meeting room is important.
Good Menu Choices is very important.
Good Prices and Good Service are important.
Separate Checks is the winner with 75% declaring necessary.
Microphone and speakers rated dead last.

2. Location

Broward County is most favored, while Palm Beach and Dade are nearly equally less favored. Most said they will probably drive to all three.

3. Time of Meeting

Sunday Lunch is the clear favorite for preferred meeting time, but many members are open to other options, so it might make sense to offer some variation. In the past, we had some meetings on Saturday evenings, so we’ll look at all these possibilities. A recent Sunday brunch road trip had a great turnout. Let’s keep the ideas flowing.

4. New Ideas For Meeting Places

Many good suggestions received, including Cafe Aruba, Dragon Gourmet Chinese Buffet, McDivot’s at the Carolina Club in Margate, Carabba’s on 17th Street, Big Fat Greek, Funky Buddha, Ellie’s 50s Diner in Delray, Duffy’s Boynton Beach and Plantation and the Mai Kai Polynesian.

5. Road Trip Ideas

Good suggestions from Go Karts to Christmas Boat Show, Dezer Auto Museum and a total eclipse theme. Our Road Trips are a delightful way to enjoy a drive and discover interesting places. Share your knowledge with the group and let’s make the most of these opportunities.

6. Would Come to Meetings More Often if…

Again, many good ideas and constructive feedback. Going to different places, having meetings closer to home, meetings on Saturdays, finding a place where all the cars can be parked together.

What’s Next?

Thanks to all who participated. This was a constructive exercise in sharing opinions, revealing preferences, making suggestions and considering many possibilities. Your feedback offers club leaders an opportunity to plan, shape and execute the meetings in a manner that best suits the needs of the club’s members.