Tues July 18 at Palm Beach International Raceway

I just found the South Florida Miata Club site yesterday, it’s pretty cool and amazing the growth you have had. This is very late notice, but I have this coming up and figured others might find it interesting.

On the evening of Tues July 18 at Palm Beach International Raceway (AKA the rebuilt Moroso) SCCA is having a track night. This is not the last event of the summer, there is a fairly constant stream of events there.

I’m registered for track time (just the novice class, not a pro here), but they have parade laps at 6pm for free. Just show up a half hour before and sign the waiver.

A coworker (with an NA) and I are also doing the parade laps. There are usually half a dozen Miatas in various stages of modifications at the events.

It’s free to get in the park and wander around, and the parade laps are free. There is grandstand seating, a very small concession stand (bring your own water and snacks).

More Info

If you come out, I’m in a white 2016, the 50 something yr old bald guy with a ponytail.