Why, oh, why?

Why did Mazda have to do such a great job on the 2017 and especially the RF? So want. But I already have three two-seat sports cars, and if my beloved ’94 Miata wasn’t in such good condition and so reliable at just under 100k miles, I’d be all over an RF. But in the meantime, I’m just here watching from the sidelines. But I get attached to my cars and after all the sweat equity keeping a car mostly pristine after 95k+ miles and 23 years, it’s hard, no, impossible, to let go.

I had ordered the car right around this time of year in 1994, and picked it up in May of that year. So springtime always has a special meaning to me. So many memories with the car, even up to this year, including autocrossing it in the ’90s; doing Pro Solo with it; tracking it in the early 2000’s; so many winter afternoons with the top down, 70 degrees outside; teaching DJ how to autocross, and just enjoying afternoons with Tammy. <3. So, no RF in my future as much as I'd love to have one. To those of you lucky enough to have an ND, enjoy it. To those of you with NA, NB, or NC, same message: enjoy it, drive it, PUT THE TOP DOWN! 🙂