R.I.P. John Petrulis – Grieco Mazda

Statement from our sponsor Grieco Mazda:

It is with great sadness that we let our employees, friends, family and valued customers know that John Petrulis has passed. Grieco Mazda would like to recognize his long term dedication to Mazda and the Grieco Automotive Group. John started working with our company in 2003 when we acquired City Place Mazda, he was one of the employees the Grieco Automotive Group wanted to keep and he basically was part of the business. John Petrulis was an Honest, Hard Working man who devoted a lot of time into his work at the dealership, he had been a salesman for us for 20 plus years and was loved by his loyal customer base, employees that have worked with us, and just about everybody he touched in his life. He was also a generous man who donated a lot of his money to assorted charities, churches and good causes. His life was his work, and nobody had more passion for the Mazda brand than John Petrulis, his love and passion for the product was worn on his sleeve and he would not let you get away from the dealership without giving you a world class demonstration of the product, the dealership, and his charming personality. His first five years as a sales rep for us he was salesman of the month 56 times out of 60 months. He never did the job for the money and would never put his reputation on the line for anything. His work ethic was umnmatched, and we have never seen anyone work the way that John did. He would get in in the morning at 8:30 a.m. and be the last one in the dealership, not leaving till 11:00 p.m. He would write emails at night to prior and potential customer and before he left he would walk the front line of cars to make sure nothing was out of line, in addition to that job he would also make sure there were no obstructing palm frans from the landscaping in the front of the dealer group. He would check customer cars left in service, to make sure there was no vandalizing, and yell at the service department in the am because if one was left open because he felt every customer was his responsibility and he was proud to do so. We can honestly say that John touched a lot of lives in his times, helped thousands of people, and touched our lives here at the dealership. John had knowledge beyond just cars, he was a worldly man that knew a lot about everything. Grieco Mazda will miss John Petrulis immensely, we will miss his wisdom, his work ethic and his love for the business. John is survived by his wife and family.