Help a noob with wheels and tires

Hi all!

I was hoping you all would help out a Miata newbie. I am buying a beautiful 2008 Grand Touring hard top model. The problem is that she has 19″ staggered wheels with racing tires. They are gorgeous! But, I can’t keep them in the climate I am going to eventually bring my new girl to (Upper Midwest). Luckily, I have inherited some nice wheels from my brother. They are 17×7.5 with OEM bolt pattern. They have a 45 offset. So I have two questions… (1) will these tires look ok with the offset being 10 more than the OEM (55)? (2) what are the best size tires with this configuration?

Based on my climate, and previewing other forums, I have already settled on some Continental Extreme Contact DWS for all season (well, 3 season) tires. So, size is more of the concern than type.

I have read forums about offsets and tires and all, and I have to tell you that I am just overwhelmed with it all. You time and advice would be super appreciated for a confused newbie. Oh and if you are interested in the wheels and racing tires, let me know.