Miata Club Website Tips

Miata Friends,

Take a few moments to check out the club’s new website with some nice features to help us communicate more easily and efficiently.

South Florida Miata Club

South Florida Miata Club welcomes all sports car enthusiasts to our monthly meetings and special events.

If you have not done so already, register with your username, email and password. Also, tell us about your car and the city in which you live.

Then, when you log in to the web site, type your username (not your email address) along with your password to get access to all these great features.

First and foremost, pay attention to upcoming events. We’re making sure you have all the info you need, in addition to date, time and place, you’ll find a map and information about each event so you’ll be fully informed.

There’s also information about our club, our leaders, our sponsor, cool club merchandise you can buy online, and a form you can use to ask questions or contact club leaders.

Send message to other members. Post a note about your latest activity to share. Post a few photos of your car, your friends and recent activities.

You can read and partake in the forums to enjoy interactive discussions. Suggest a great location for an upcoming road trip, talk about modifications, or about a good place to get reliable service.

Look at all the recent photos, videos, Miata news and classified ads.